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Tuesday, March 21

What else we did on Shop Hop day....

It's just about impossible to hit the part of western Nebraska that we were in and not go to these three tourist spots. So our first stop of the day was Carhenge. And yes it is modeled after Stonehenge in England, although this attraction has no mysteries. We know why they built it and how and my boys loved going back there again. If you want to learn more about Carhenge, you can check it out here.

Carhenge 2017

They love the bench made out of tailgates from a pick-up

Next we made a stop at Scottsbluff National Monument. This model below was made from tiny layers of cardboard. Who has the patience to do that?

I was disappointed that we couldn't see the tracks from the Oregon Trail. Every time I've been there before we could see them. I don't know if it's eroded that much in the past few years or what.

Riding on the Oregon Trail; After we got to the front wagon we see a sign that says don't crawl on the animals. Maybe they need to move their sign so people can actually see it. 

Checking out the view

You can't see here that Alex was grasping onto the wall tightly. He was just sure we were going to fall off the "mountain". I knew he didn't like heights but I didn't realize that this would be so frightening for him. Preston wanted to walk around some more but it was pretty windy and every time the wind would gust Alex kind of freaked out. So we didn't stay up long. The views looking out onto the plains of Wyoming and Nebraska were definitely beautiful though.

On the way home we stopped at Chimney Rock. The sign at the visitor's center was not comforting to Alex. We tried to assure him that we probably wouldn't see any snakes since it was still winter. Trust me, he never quit watching out for them. 

 We got to the visitor's center 15 minutes before closing so we decided we didn't want to pay an admission fee for that but this lovely quilt was just inside the door. (smile)

My aunt snapped a picture of me and the boys, my hair is a sign that it was a windy day. Love Chimney Rock in the background though. 

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