2020's Word of the Year

2020 word of the year- Release
Release control of what I can't control. Release worry. Release fear. Release...

Thursday, August 31

Loveliness in my Garden

These beauties are blooming again. I wish you could smell them. They grow underneath my bedroom window.

Monday, August 7

Sssh! It's a Secret!!

This morning we are leaving for vacation. We've been telling the boys all summer long that we're going to Kansas City. We've even ordered brochures all about it. But we're not going to Kansas City!
We are going somewhere else that involves a plane ride! The boys are always wanting to go on a trip that involves a plane ride and we've managed to keep it a secret from them.

I just can't wait until we get to the airport and tell them what we're doing!!!!

By they way, after reading up on Kansas City I definitely want to go there sometime too. Maybe next year!

Wednesday, August 2

Life Changes

Do you ever just feel so frustrated and confused you can't even think straight? Yes that's me!

I am having a serious dilemma and I've gone over the pros and cons so many times that I can't even remember. See, I want to send my boys to school this fall. But if you've been reading my blog long enough you know that Alex did not have a good experience at all in school, and now that he's in middle school I worry that he will be a big target for bullies. And to be honest I'm pretty sure that Preston would have a tough time assimilating also because let's face it, my kids are weird. Now to be clear, they aren't weird because we homeschool, they were pretty weird before that. I don't know if it's because they're being raised by "old" people or if it's just their natural bent.  But I do know that weird kids have a tougher time in school.

Before someone asks "why not a Christian school?" Here in our rural area the parochial schools end at grade 5 and even those are not prepared to take on a child with special learning issues like Alex has. To be honest, the public school really didn't seem to know what to do with him. :(

I thought that maybe if I wrote down the reasons for sending them to school as opposed to keeping them at home maybe it would make more sense to me. So, I decided to put my lists here and give it another think.

Why School:

  • The boys could make some friends- 
  • Alex might get someone to help him understand Math- where I have failed
  • Preston could learn that he doesn't know everything.
  • Alex could take band
  • Science experiments
  • Computer classes
  • Industrial Arts
  • I could actually go see the dr without needing a babysitter- yes they're old enough not to need them but if I see any kind of specialist I have to go an hour away and that isn't always the best option.
  • I am exceedingly tired...
  • Our boys are weird!

Why Homeschool:

  • I get my kids when they are at their best not after they're tired from a day of social 
  • I have more control over what they are learning
  • No Peer Pressure
  • A culture that hates God and what He stands for
  • Interest led studies
  • A more relaxed lifestyle
  • I feel like I'm failing them if I send them to school.
  • Our boys are weird!
I know what I really want is to have someone else that I know and trust to teach them and I could just be a normal mom without all the pressure of being the teacher too. So, if anyone is bored and wants to come teach them give me a call! But since I'm pretty sure that's not going to happen I went and enrolled them in school. (mic drop moment)

This has not been an easy decision for me and we are all looking at it as a probationary thing. If I see Alex start to regress socially or behaviorally we will reconsider. The boys are excited as well as nervous. I am feeling cautiously optimistic.

So we will be on vacation next week and then come back to the start of school on the 14th! Schedules are being planned, school supplies shopped for and long talks about peer pressure, bullying and respect are being had. I expect it's going to be very quiet around here and people are asking me what I'm going to do with my time. I have enough work and projects backed up around here that I'm pretty sure I could work full time in my home for a full school year.

I am sad that there are some things we won't be doing together anymore but I'm excited at the new opportunities my boys will have. After nearly 30 years of homeschooling I do truly believe that both options can be good and you have to decide what is best for your family and even for each child.

If you know my family I would appreciate prayers for my boys as they make this transition. I know there will be bumps on the road but this was their decision as well as mine and I want to encourage them as they grow into young men.