2020's Word of the Year

2020 word of the year- Release
Release control of what I can't control. Release worry. Release fear. Release...

Monday, February 27

You Can Find a Way If You Really Want To

I've had friends tell me 'I can't afford Plexus but I really want to try it.' Trust me....there are so many others that were in that same position when they first wanted to try Plexus!!!
Here are a few ideas...
• Start with a 7-day trial. It's an affordable & simple way to check out Slim without spending much money.
• Look at what you spend your money on.
Is it your hair? Nails? Fast food? Energy drinks? Coffee? Candy? Clothes? Makeup?
• Start small. You don't need every single Plexus product to get started. Start with the Slim, ProBio5 or our XFactor vitamin.
• Remember there is ALWAYS a 60-day money back guarantee on all of our products.
• Consider wholesale pricing. It's the cheapest & allows you to earn commissions, which could quickly grow into paying for your products. It usually takes 3 friends that order from you to make enough to cover your own products. You can start it together to motivate each other!

It's Monday Again?!?!

I have a serious love/hate relationship with Monday! First I like them because it's a fresh new week and I have learned that routines make life better in our little household. When you have a special needs kid, routine just makes everything else go smoothly.
For instance, last week we were gone all weekend and then hubby had most of Monday off due to the holiday. Although we love having him home we don't do school when he's off. So then we spend the rest of the week trying to get our routine back. With that in mind, this week should be better.
But for me, Monday also means the start of school and routine which I find very dull and boring. I honestly like flying by the seat of my pants but I can't do that with school, it never turns out very good. So that part of my personality feels like it's chained to a desk at hard labor.

I did manage to get a lot of stuff cleaned out of my office this past week. I am slowly getting rid of the things that I never use and will probably never use again. My husband has a policy that if you don't use it for 6 months then get rid of it. Mine is more like....well, I might use it again...sometime. I'm working on that. But I doubt I will ever be as drastic as he is, maybe if I haven't used it in a year.

Lots of things going on in my brain this week and I easily start to feel overwhelmed. This was shared with me last week and I thought it was pretty fitting in my current dilemma. What do you focus on?

Saturday, February 25

Nebraska Reading Challenge Book

Next Year Country- One Woman's View

This isn't the best picture but I was very excited to find this book! One of the categories in my Nebraska Reading Challenge was a photographic book. I had actually planned on reading a Solomon Butcher book, or maybe one of nature photography by Georg Joutras or Joel Sartore. But this weekend I stumbled across this book. The author's name caught my attention on the shelf because it was Phillip, not Phillips. My paternal great grandmother was a Phillip. So I pulled the book off the shelf and saw that wooden horse and got very excited. This horse has a history in the Willie Walter Phillip family and I recognized it. Willie was a brother to my great grandmother and the photographs were taken by his wife who I called Aunt Alma. Seriously, anyone else getting excited with me yet?

This book is set in Keya Paha county and the farm that they lived on was next door to my husband's grandparents, the place where his father still lives. So this book was about home. Even after being gone for almost 36 years we still call it home. I knew some of the family history but I learned a little bit more about my county as well. What a delightful find!


Meet Julie Keller Braatz!! 

She is a World Marathon Six Star Finisher by completing the Boston, London, Berlin, Chicago, New York and Tokyo marathons!!! Julie has completed over 26 marathons!!! 🙌🏼👊🏼🏅
She didn't start Plexus products to lose weight!! She has an amazing health testimony from using our products!!! Gut health and balanced blood sugars! Endless energy...


Friday, February 24

Book Review on Kristin Lavransdatter: The Wreath

This is the first book I read for my classics challenge. I thought this would be a quick read. I was wrong. This was a not a hard book, or even a long book but it took me forever!!

I think it just did not interest me enough to pick it up. It was like a chore or duty rather than a pleasure. And it was predictable! I knew she was going to make the poor choices, maybe because so had I and I just knew she would follow her deceitful heart rather than her head.

I later found out this book is a trilogy. I rather doubt that I will read the other two. Now onto my next challenge.

Thursday, February 23

This Was Me on Tuesday

 Yes, February 21st and I was sitting in my front yard, barefoot, in Nebraska! Today it is cold and windy and we are in a winter storm warning. Just like the weather I am reminded that I need to embrace the good days to help me get through the tougher days. Take time to relax and just soak in the sun, smell the fresh air and thank God for all the good in your life because it comes from Him.

Wednesday, February 15

Finding a Balance in My Life

I really struggle with finding a healthy balance in my life. I juggle school, homemaking, building a business, being a good friend and a mom and wife. I always manage to do well in one area but never all of them at once. And then let's not forget that I still like some leisure time to do fun things like study our family history or read good books.

This week we're doing pretty good at staying on task of getting our schoolwork done. It's Wednesday and the house is still pretty tidy if you don't look too carefully for dust. But my to do list always seems longer than my day. I try to use my Saturdays to catch up on the things that don't get done through the week but I was gone last Saturday and we'll be gone all weekend coming up. So it's essential that I get as much done as possible during the week.

I realize this is not a new battle. My friends who work full-time and have their kids in several activities are stretched even more thin than I am. I see them struggling, exhausted and feeling like they never measure up. Always feeling behind and defeated and it makes my heart break.

You see I don't think that this is how life is supposed to be. Yes, I think we need to make good use of our time.  Yes, I believe we are to be busy working on the tasks that God has called us to do but sometimes I think we heap on an awful lot more that God ever expected of us. We look at others and think that we have to keep up. They have more stuff so we incur debt and have to work more to pay for it. Their kids are sports stars so we have to get our kids involved in more to make it look good. They are involved in different civics organizations and it looks impressive so we decide we need to do the same thing. Guess what? God doesn't care about any of that! All of these things are good but they are not the MAIN THING!

The other day this verse came to mind and I thought that's it, this is what God is wanting me to focus on right now. Micah 6:8 says "He hath shewn thee, O man, what is good; and what doth the Lord require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God?"

If I keep this in my thoughts, how will it affect my daily life? It doesn't mean I don't have to do my work but it might help me keep in mind that the work is not the main thing. The work is stuff that has to do be done but am I supposed to stress if I don't get it all finished? Am I supposed to get frustrated if my list doesn't get checked off every day? I am pretty sure that is not the response that God wants from me. It also doesn't mean that my kids or I can't be involved in activities, but when it makes our stress levels high and we're losing out as a family then it's time to reassess things.

I am loving my daily planner this year. At the top of the page I make a list of the tasks I want to complete each week and then if it's vital to get done it done I put a star beside it. On each day I put things like school, my appointments, menu, phone calls I need to make and a reminder to do Plexus business. At the end of the week if there are tasks that I didn't get done then I move them to top of the next week. Some of my tasks aren't urgent or they are things that take a long time so I'm doing it in increments such as scanning our family tree into PDF. This is very time consuming so I do it in little bits as I have time. Using my planner this way has made life much more manageable for me. I think I'm even going to designate an hour just for reading because otherwise I get too busy and don't take time for it or I sit down and read for hours and then I realize it's midnight and I'm late to bed.

I still don't have it all worked out. There are things I would like to be doing outside the home too but it's just not working out so well with a boy who needs constant supervision. These may be things I never get to do, but I always hope maybe someday...

To top it all off, I am really feeling a pull to do something really big next year, I'm not ready to tell anyone because this is so much bigger than me it will have to totally be God directed. So, I would appreciate my friends praying for me.

What am I really getting at with this post? If you're stressed trying to do too much then sit down and rethink what is most important to you? What can you take out of your life that will not cause harm? And if you look at your life in 20 years what will you realize never really mattered? Then take it from there and see what you need to change. It may just make it a little easier for you to breathe and you can rest at night without feeling guilty that you didn't do the most important things.

I will leave you with this link to listen too. 


Tuesday, February 7

Mid Winter Blahs

 Yeah, I've been fighting a sinus infection since the first weekend in January. Actually I've been struggling with them for several years.Antibiotics seemed to knock it down but I'm still struggling. I have an appointment with an ENT this week, hoping for a long term solution, but until then my little jar has been handy to help me breathe.

We've had a pretty mild winter but it's halfway in and I am craving some warm sunny days and a little bit of color. So I was going through some pictures I had saved because I thought they were pretty and they made me feel a bit better. I thought maybe they might help you too.

And then I found this on my computer. Obviously someone has been having fun playing with the webcam! (smile)

Monday, February 6

A Little Time in Cheyenne This Weekend

We ran away to Cheyenne for the day. While we were there we checked out the railroad museum. They had one of the coolest model railroads I have ever seen. I still wonder how they made the rocks look so real!
Here is a picture of my traveling companions. They all wore cowboy boots, I wore tennis shoes. Guess who didn't get tired of walking? 
My Plexus and my new exercise regime did not let me down. 

Thursday, February 2

My New Weight Loss Guide

I lost 7 pounds in January! This is what is working for me right now, so I thought I would write it down to share with others.

  1. Take Plexus Tri-Plex consistently every day. For me this means Plexus Slim first thing in the morning. Two Bio Cleanse in the morning, two Bio Cleanse at lunch and two ProBio at bedtime.
  2. Drink 100 ounces of water a day. I try to drink a glass every hour so that I even it out.
  3. Move 10,000 steps a day. I use a Garmin VivoFit.  You can download an app for your phone if you keep your phone on you all day.
  4. Make sure I eat some kind of protein for breakfast.
  5. Get more sleep. A health coach I listened to said to get to bed by 10 every night, I can’t quite get that done.
  6. Avoid all processed foods.
  7. Avoid sugar as much as possible.
  8. Eat more veggies.

This is what is working really well for me. If you want to order the Plexus Tri-Plex you can sign in to my store and order it. If you sign up as a preferred customer and have it automatically shipped each month you get a much better discount. Plus you don’t have to worry about running out. If the Tri-Plex is just not in your budget  I would recommend that if you could only take one thing…take the ProBio. It’s a powerful probiotic and also has an anti-fungal agent. This is one thing I don’t like to run out of.

This is the address to my store. It should link directly to the Tri-Plex page.