2020's Word of the Year

2020 word of the year- Release
Release control of what I can't control. Release worry. Release fear. Release...

Thursday, November 20

Some of our busyness

I was too busy enjoying spending time with the kids and grandkids, I didn't even think of taking pictures. I'm so glad my daughter snapped a few.

Alex,enjoying his new nephew!

Preston and Molly

And although this wasn't taken while we were there, I don't want to leave Miss Emily out. She is wearing a shawl that I had when I was a child. If I remember right, my aunt made it for me.

Wednesday, November 19

Busy and Tired

It's been an exceptionally busy week for us.  As I practically collapsed with fatigue after lunch today I realized it was only Wednesday. This is highly unusual for us to be so busy but it didn't use to be. I used to think that if I didn't have two or three things on my calendar each day then I needed to do more. Then we moved to a place where I didn't know anyone and wasn't involved in anything; life came to a screeching halt! It was really hard for me. I felt stir crazy, lonely and unproductive. God used that time to teach me to learn to love my family more, to be more content at home and to value a quiet life.
Now my life is pretty routine, pretty quiet (as quiet as it can be with an ADHD child who seems to dwell on the hyperactive part of that term), yes, in most ways it's pretty boring. But I have learned to embrace the boring and even enjoy it. Then we get a week like this one and I am reminded that many people live like this all the time. I have friends who count themselves lucky if they have one night a week at home with their families. And as we are approaching Thanksgiving I am thankful that God pulled me out of that mindset and taught me to appreciate being home.
I am aware that not everyone would appreciate my quiet life, but after three busy days I am thankful that this is not my usual routine.

Friday, November 7

Introducing our newest family member

We all think he's pretty special and I hear that his big sisters are very excited that he is finally here!

Thursday, November 6

Halloween Costumes

These are my boys!

 Batgirl- or granddaughter #1

Superheroes- granddaughters #2 and #3

But this is my very favorite. This is our six month old grandson modeling his sister's mask. He loved it, never pulled at or anything. He just sat there and grinned at me.