2020's Word of the Year

2020 word of the year- Release
Release control of what I can't control. Release worry. Release fear. Release...

Friday, March 25

Thoughts of Grattitude

5. Anticipating a quiet evening home with my family
4. Sunshine peeking out from the clouds
3. Hearing the voice of my granddaughter on the telephone
2. 100% on a spelling test when he's been trying so hard
1. Warm coffee in my favorite new mug

After reading Ann Voskamps book, I felt challenged to write down the gifts in that God has given me. I need to practice more thanksgiving in my life.

And now for this brief announcement!

I know that I've been absent for awhile, but it's because I've been busy living a real life in the real world. While I'm away and busy I have a zillion thoughts swirling around in my head. There have been many worries and concerns on my heart for the past few weeks. But there has also been good news. The best being that not only are we going to have another grandbaby this summer, but we now know that it's going to be another girl. Our cup runneth over!

Monday, March 7

Another food article

Remember when I posted on the effects of food additives? Well, here is another post that is interesting reading.  I am constantly reminded that the healthiest food to eat is the food that is as close to the way it was harvested as possible. Just a thought for a Monday.

Saturday, March 5

A plug for Maple Valley Farms

Once upon a time I stumbled upon a blog by a gal called HomemakerAng. We had quite a bit in common so I enjoyed visiting her blog. Then a couple of years ago this gal and her husband jumped off into the deep end. They sold their lovely home, bought an Amish farm and moved in with the intentions of living grid free. I was stunned when she mentioned a garage sale where they sold all of their electrical appliances. I mean, I could live without tv, but my mixer. I applauded them for their pioneering spirit but prayed they made it through. ( I grew up without many modern amenities...I wasn't sure they knew what they were getting into)
Anyway to make a long and interesting story short, they are doing marvelously. They have even made up a smaller cabin where people can come and stay and get a taste of their lifestyle.
I would have gladly written about Ang and her family for no reason but now she's giving away a set of Tatler reusable canning lids. I've been wanting to try these. Think, reusable...I could save quite a bit of money in canning lids each year. So, although I would love to win this set...I would love more to have everyone go visit Ang and see for yourself how this modern family is thriving on their off-grid farm. Who knows, you may be inspired to try it yourself!
Here is the link: MAPLE VALLEY FARMS