2020's Word of the Year

2020 word of the year- Release
Release control of what I can't control. Release worry. Release fear. Release...

Thursday, December 29

2012 is knocking on my door...

Christmas has come and gone, and I didn't blog much this month. I think it's because I was busy living and by night time I was too tired to put my thoughts into writing. It's also the month of short days and I struggle with depression when we have little sunlight. In fact I find myself dreaming that I'm looking for sunlight.
Alex has been off his anti-seizure meds for nearly three weeks and we have seen no sign of seizures or tics or anything similar. What we have seen is a much better use of speech...and he talks all the time, literally ALL THE TIME! My ears are tired. We are also noticing that his attention spans are getting longer. Sadly, he still struggles with the anger and impulsiveness. I guess I can't expect everything to go away.
We had a wonderful Christmas with kids and grandkids. A couple were missing from our nest, but we've learned to appreciate what we get.
I am one book away from meeting my reading goal for the year. I am halfway through the last book, so I think I'm going to make it.
I didn't do so well with my crafting goals, but I'm just going to keep working on them. I don't want to finish my life with a lot of unfinished projects lying about.
I have also been spending quite a bit of time working on researching family history. It's fascinating but very time consuming. My grandmother already had done much of the work, I'm just trying to go a bit farther back with the aid of my trusty computer.
I know I've been scarce around here, but that just means I'm busy, and busy is good.
Happy New Year,

Thursday, December 8

Christmas preparations are underway....

This picture made me laugh. I remember when I used to spend hours getting Christmas cards ready. The last few years I haven't even sent out cards. It just didn't seem like a high priority. And thanks to email and Facebook, I am able to keep up with friends and family on a more regular basis. I wonder if the next generation will read books and wonder what a Christmas card is.

Sunday, December 4


In my family it's my sister who is the "great white hunter". I can spot a bargain aisles away, but hunting wildlife has never really tripped my trigger. My sister on the other hand enjoys it very much, whether it's with a rifle or a black powder gun. I benefit by getting jerky, so the end product is pleasing to me. (smile)
Here is a picture of the deer she bagged last month.

This is the type of deer I am likely to get. At least I wouldn't have to field dress mine!

Thursday, December 1

Untangling Christmas

I just got this book and am anxious to read it. You can find more details at Untangling Christmas
I also watched a neat vido over at Women Living Well on how to make a Christmas binder. I think this is a great idea and hope to get one organized this week.
I think if I am organized I am less stressed and I can enjoy the holiday season more. I'm also thinking that this will help me to focus more on Christ's birth and not all the busyness. I hope this helps someone else too.


Oh Christmas Tree

 This is the kind of Christmas tree my husband would like!

This would be fun to do for a party. don't you think?

Another thing I like about these ideas is that they are healthy. My husband is not fond of sweets and always complains that when we go places on the holidays that everything to eat is too sweet. So it's nice to find some festive ideas that are not sweet heavy.