2020's Word of the Year

2020 word of the year- Release
Release control of what I can't control. Release worry. Release fear. Release...

Wednesday, November 25

Happy Thanksgiving!

Blessings to you all on this day of Thanksgiving. Please take the time to thank the Lord for all He has done for you this year.
Happy Thanksgiving,

Tuesday, November 24

You get what you pay for...

Last spring a large semi broke down near here that was full of five pound bags of flour. Apparently the owner decided to leave the flour and take the loss, thus giving the flour away to many people in the community. I have a bunch of that flour in my freezer.

Fast forward to today. I was making rolls for our Thanksgiving dinner and used the above mentioned flour. The dough was very sticky, it didn't rise well at all. Then after they came out of the oven I tried a roll. UGH! They were terrible. I can't tell you what they tasted like but it wasn't very good.

So now I'm making another batch with my good King Arthur bread flour. The dough is so nice; just smooth and perfect. I'm waiting for it to rise as I type, but I'm expecting it to taste much better. This is a very good example of "you get what you pay for". I'm sticking with King Arthur. "smile"

Monday, November 23

Maybe my Windows problem is fixed

I mentioned on Facebook the issue that I was having with my cursor popping around the page while I tried to typ. It was suggested that it could be my wireless keyboard. Well, I don't have a wireless keyboard, but I do have a wireless mouse. Sure enough, that was the problem. Weird, huh?

Friday, November 20

Christmas giveaways

There are drawings every day for 12 days. Go here to enter.

A Window's problem?

I've been having quite a few problems typing the last couple of months. I'll be typing along and all of a sudden the cursor jumps up a few lines or whole paragraphs. My husband says this is a Vista issue. I don't know how to fix it, but I do know that is has jumped three times while I've been writing this little paragraph. It's enough to drive a person bonkers!!!

Noel Swap

I was thrilled to once again join a Sister Shoebox Swap hosted by Carrie and her sister Monica. These two young mothers have been an encouragement to me. Sometimes I worry about the state of young families and am saddened to see so many moms of young children anxious to flee their home for the workplace. (and yes, I know for some it is necessary, but that's a post for another day)
Carrie and Monica are two young women who have taken on the challenge of making their family their career and ministry and I am heartened to watch them grow as they post on their blogs.
I was also blessed to be given their mother as my swap partner. From the short emails we shared, I sense that she is a sweet, quiet soul. Here are a few pictures of what she sent in my swap package.

The cute metal box contains a christmas votive candle. There was a cd of christmas music, a christmas towel, a couple of little Pampered Chef cookbooks, a handmade tree, some gingerbread tea and a Mary Engelbreit bookmark. (I wonder how she knew I love Mary?)

This is the cute little tree that she sent. It's adorable! Thank you so much Ruth, and thanks Carrie and Monica for letting me participate again. I love your swaps!

A Clean Slate

I went through my old posts and I didn't really like them. Some of them were whiny, some were redundant, and in some posts I had shared things that should have never been put out there in public like it was.

I could have kept some of my recipe and craft posts, but I was in a mood for a fresh start. So I deleted them all. I get in those kind of moods once in awhile. Sometimes when I'm cleaning house I throw out a bunch of stuff I've been saving for a long time. I just decide it's been long enough and clear stuff out. Rarely do I regret it, I like getting rid of clutter in my life. I figure as long as I keep the important things like my husband and kids it's okay.
How about you? Do you ever go through a spell where you just want to clear your life of all the clutter?