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Monday, March 6

Shop Hop- Day 2, Part 1

Our first stop was in North Platte at The Quilt Rack

This is what you see when you first walk in the store. The neat freak in me really likes her store because there is the tease of creativity but all the fabric is neat and tidy on the shelves. So pretty!

I liked this cowboy tablerunner!

Who knew black could be so pretty?

Fun with colors!

I love reproduction fabrics

Isn't this just adorable?

I may be feeling a need to quilt with some black someday.

An inviting workroom. See the train quilt in the background?


Our second stop was in Cozad at Prairie Point Junction. Don't let the store front deceive you, this is a fun little shop. The owner designs her own patterns and has a booming internet business as well as her shop. I love to hear how people in small towns are adapting to change. This place is thriving!

I am definitely going to have to try wool applique.

Rustic & Red, this is a new store in Cozad. It's really fun as the decor is straight out of the country and she had some really unique items in her store too. Check out the giant windmill head they used for a light!

Last stop in Cozad was lunch. We ate at the Green Apple Cafe and they had an extensive selection of homemade pies. We each bought a different kind and shared. I have to say that was the best lemon pie I have ever eaten. If you ever happen to be driving through Cozad you should try some pie!

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Deb said...

Love the quilted project with the beehive and rabbit jumping over it. If I saw that in a shop, I think I'd have to purchase it!