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2020 word of the year- Release
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Friday, March 31

Shop Hop- Day 5

 First stop was in Hebron. Cute store, lots of patriotic fabrics and projects here!

These were like the ones we saw in Scottsbluff but they enlarged the pattern to go around something bigger.

This was Quilt Stitches in Beatrice. I had never been to Beatrice before and I wish I had more time to spend there. Just the buildings themselves were interesting and I wanted to walk around and check it all out. Maybe another time! (by the way Preston does smile but he's still very self conscious of his new braces so he's not smiling for pictures these days.)

 Nice rich colors

 The boys liked this dog quilt

 Heavenly Treasure in Pawnee City is in an old church. The owner told me this was the church she went to growing up and when she moved back to town she bought it as it was unused and made it into a quilt shop. This store had so much fabric I felt a bit closed in, but there were ladies finding fabrics they'd looked for everywhere and were finding them there. 

 Creative Collectible Quilts and Crafts was in Humboldt. This was another town I'd never been in. The store is in the town square and Alex was thrilled that the center of the square was a park so he could get out and move for a bit. I felt comfortable letting him do this alone as it was a tiny town and I could see him from the store. Sadly this is one of those towns that has an almost empty business section. I hope that one day it can pick back up and fill those stores.
 I wish I had taken a picture of their wall with quilt backing fabrics. Apparently this is their specialty. They had a long wall full of 108" fabrics. The owner said that with so many fabric stores nearby they really needed to find something to make them unique so that people would make the drive. I must have been pretty busy looking because I forgot to take any pictures in this store.

I believe these pictures were taken at Needles I in Auburn. I forgot to take a picture of the storefront which I kind of used as my marker to tell where I was. 

 This stop was at Sew Enchanting in Nebraska City and it was so enchanting I completely forgot to take pictures at all. But if you are ever in Nebraska City stop in and take a look. The owner was super friendly and designs a quilt pattern each year for the Apple  Jack Festival there.

Cosmic Cow in Lincoln was our last stop of the day. This was a nice store and the owner was great with the boys, which I appreciated as I was getting tired of listening to them and needed a sensory break. (smile) The downside to this store is it's on a very busy street and it was hard to back out into the street at rush hour. A quick trip up to Omaha and we got to spend a nice evening with our son and his wife. All in all it was a very good day and the boys even had a good time.

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