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Tuesday, November 30

Thanksgiving Review

It was nice to have all of my kids and grandgirls home for a holiday. When everyone left it got awfully quiet. I told hubby it's a good thing that we still have two boys at home or the silence would be deafening.

Here are some pics from our time together:

 Miss Lexie enjoying the swing

 The boys enjoying an early Christmas gift

 Kenny and Lexie

 The entire crew

 All my kids and grandkids

 Kenny, Lexie and Grace

 Molly, Jared and Kaitlyn

 The grandgirls who by this time were fed up with cameras
Me with the girls!

After our Thanksgiving feast our older kids gave us an early anniversary present.They had planned a 3 day getaway to Boulder, Colorado for us. They booked the room, bought us tickets to a dinner theater and DD2 is coming to watch the boys for us. They had even talked to hubby's boss about him getting the time off. We were so surprised and excited at the thought of getting away alone for a bit. Now we just have to wait the three months until we can go!

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Grace McCoy said...

It was great to be home. We enjoyed our time with you all. I love how you added pictures to this post. :-) Lexi is always looking at the wall & pointing at pictures that have you & Dad in them & says, "Nana" "Papa" & it is so cute. Love you and miss you.