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Thursday, November 18

Thanksgiving Menu

Well, I know it's a week away but I thought I'd sit down and plan my Thanksgiving menu. Then if there are things I can do ahead of time I can make a note and get them done before some of the family arrives this weekend. I'm thinking I may be spending most of time getting reaquainted with my granddaughter who lives too far away.
So here is my first draft, which I'm sure will be adjusted some before next week.

Sage dressing
Mashed potatoes and gravy
Sweet potatoes ?
Green bean casserole ( this is something new to our family because my son-in-law is used to it, I'm not really a big fan...but I love my son-in-law. )
Homemade dinner rolls...always homemade, always rolls not bread with homemade jelly
Sweet corn
Pies- pumpkin and whatever my pie baking daughter brings, pies are her speciality. Oh, and I forgot I'll be baking a pecan pie for the first time ever because my newest son-in-law likes it. (He's a southerner, we're trying not to hold that against him. laugh)

I suppose we should have some kind of salad...but we probably won't. We're just not big salad eaters, and since I have limited frig space I don't like to clutter with food we don't really eat. Our son said he'll be in charge of "drinkage". I'm pretty sure that means beverages.  I told him ingredients for eggnog punch are a must.

So, now that my menu is posted maybe people like my sister will read it and think...hmmm I want to go to Kris's for Thanksgiving dinner. Maybe?

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