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Monday, July 19

They have AA but do they have CCA?

Know what I mean? Coca Cola-holics Anonymous?

This worldwide symbol...everyone knows that it means ice cold refreshment! Ahhh, I can taste it now.

But wait, doesn't this little guy look a bit like a demon, luring us to give into temptation?

This sexy chick drinks it, look at her!

But I drink it and I look more like this polar bear.  I have to admit I have a bit of a Coke problem.(and not coke as in cocaine) I realized it's bad when I wake up and all I really want is an icy coke. I had been doing pretty good for a few months. I was limiting myself to one coke a week. But then we went on vacation and I started drinking more. Now I find myself craving it...it's all I want. I drink water or coffee and it's flavorless...it's not Coke.
I read one time that most modern food is designed to make you want more. And honestly I'm not blaming manufacturers for this because we all know that our bodies will crave salts and sugars...the more they get they more they want. I want Coke, I drink Coke, I get fatter and yet I want more Coke. There's something seriously wrong with this picture.
So as of today I am imposing a Coca Cola fast. They say it takes 21 days to break a habit and this has gotten to be my habit, socially acceptable, but bad for me nonetheless. That means no Coke for me until August 8th. Of course if I'm smart I'll just be like the recovering alcoholic and give it up for good.
I have a feeling I could use a bit of prayer in this area. An addiction is still an addiction, right?

I am Kris, and I am a Coke-aholic....

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Jill said...

I had to laugh at this one...I am the same excaept with Dr. Pepper! LOL I do well for awhile, then I get stressed and seem to fall back into the pattern. I'll be rooting for you...and perhaps try to stop...again. ;-)
Blessings, Jill