2020's Word of the Year

2020 word of the year- Release
Release control of what I can't control. Release worry. Release fear. Release...

Friday, July 16

Five Question Friday

1. Do you collect anything?
kids...oh, not what you meant? Hmm, I seem to collect books more than anything. And little miniature items for my printer's box.

2. Name 3 celebrities that you find good looking.
Cary Grant- yes I know he's dead
Matthew McConaughy
Pierce Brosnan

3. Do you have any scars? If so, what's the story behind it (them?)?
Scars on my knee and my thigh from a nasty bicycle wreck in grade school
Scars on my knee from a wipe out in basketball practice
Scars on my hands from burns when I worked in a restaurant
Scars on my tummy from my hysterectomy (TMI?)

4. What is a food that you like to eat, but others might think it's gross or weird?
nearly raw hamburger- don't tell my mom.

5. Have you ever seen a tornado in real life?
Yes, a few. And I've been in one, in our van...don't care to repeat the experience any time either.

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