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2020 word of the year- Release
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Friday, July 9

I love auctions!

I've been looking for a coffee table for quite awhile. I only had two requirements: it had to be sturdy enough to survive around the boys and it couldn't be ugly. So, I've been looking for a couple of years! haha....
On Monday I went to an auction and bought a couple of pieces of furniture. This was the first. It looks almost new, just minor scuffs on it. The side leaves are in great shape too, but one of the hinges was bent. I asked DH to just take them off and store them for now because I don't know how they'd last around the boys. The table is made to look just fine without them. I paid $15 for it so I was pretty happy!

I also found a kitchen table with 4 matching chairs. Nothing fancy, but our old set was starting to fall apart after 19 years,  so I was thankful to find a newer set. The table came with 3 leaves so if needed we could pull it into the living room and stretch it out. I have to admit I've really been wanting a round table and this one is oval, but sometimes necessity requires us to give up our wants to meet our needs. And if I ever find a round table I'm sure my daughter would love to have this one, maybe?

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The Roberts said...

i love it Kris. very nice.