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Saturday, July 10

New pantry organizers!!

FYI: my shelves are not crooked, I'm just not a great photographer. Anyway, this is the before. I kept losing cans, thinking I didn't have those tiny cans of tomato sauce and buying more...you know the routine right. Well Crystal Paine over at Money Saving Mom advertised a special on pantry organizers, so I hopped over to Shelf Reliance and ordered 2 of them. What a difference!
I wanted to say that there is rooms for 4 different types of cans in each organizer, so I took my Cambells soup cans and divided them in two. One catergory for soups that we just eat plain such as tomato or chicken noodle. Then another category for the soups I use in cooking such as cream of.... and fiesta nacho which I use in my chicken enchilada soup. I also mixed the cans of fruit in the same category and another for different kinds of beans. In a perfect world there would be a space for each individual one, but let's face it most of us don't have that kind of pantry space. (smile)
I'm very happy with my purchase. They were simple to assemble and appear to very durable.

While I was organizing I also found some sturdy shoeboxes and used them for things such as bags of beans, one for boxes of pudding and jello, and one for those little packets of oatmeal and cocoa. I still have some work to do in there. I've decided it's time to weed through my cookbooks and get rid of the ones that I don't use. I mean really, how many cookbooks does one need?

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Jill said...

What a neat idea! Looks great! Thanks for stopping by my blog and letting me know that was a tomato worm! LOL Have a great weekend!