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Monday, January 2

2017 Goals

I couldn't even write the title of this post without forgetting that it's now 2017. It's a good thing that I rarely write checks anymore, I would certainly get those wrong!

I mentioned in my last post that I don't make resolutions anymore, mainly because I would make unattainable resolutions and then give up on them feeling like a failure. At my husband's job they are to make work goals each year. That made more sense to me. As a homemaker I have learned that when I make goals in different areas of my life then I am more likely to move forward in my work. These are some of my goals for this year with notes and reminders to myself.

Health Goals-
Cut down on sugar and processed foods. Completely eliminating them would be fantastic but don't be unrealistic.
Get moving! Blogilates or walking every day. Those joints get rusty easier every year.
Go to the doctor when you need to, quit finding excuses to put yourself on the back burner.

Personal goals-
Memorize Colossians in 2017, here is a link for a printable.
Find a way to connect with friends so you're not home all the time with the boys, you need to have fun!
Work on your reading challenges every day! This is your relaxing time!

Homemaking goals-
Stick to the housekeeping schedule- it works if you stick with it.
Plan menus each week with the sale ads.
Keep working on decluttering, you know a neat house makes you feel better.

School goals-
Consistency is the key.
Finish well!
Find a plan for next year that everyone can be happy with.

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