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Monday, January 31

Winter Blues

I have always struggled with the winter blues...some people call it seasonal affective disorder, or SAD. January and February are usually the hardest months for me because they're cold, windy and dreary. We usually have lots of days of sunshine but when the storm clouds roll in it can get dark and depressing. It took me quite a few years to figure this out. When we bought a house with huge windows on the south and I could get more sunshine I knew for sure that this was an issue with me. I felt so much better in that house. When we sold our house and were house shopping in town the need for good southern exposure was as important as any other requirement. I spend most of my time in my home, it needs to feed my body and spirit.
My sewing room on the other hand is in the basement in a room with no windows. I tend to feel claustrophobic in there and get depressed if I spend too much time down there. Someday we plan on moving the boys to the bedrooms downstairs. When we do I am planning on moving my sewing room upstairs where I can work in the sunshine.
Meanwhile we've had a few dark and dreary days. Some extra stressors have come up and I'm fighting the darkness that wants to grab hold of me. I'm tired, teary and angry all at once. And I'm not proud of myself at all. I just want to crawl into bed and stay there until spring.
So I'm taking my vitamins, drinking a bit of orange sunshine, turning on peppy music and I may even force myself to get over to the rec center and walk off some of the blues. What I really need is a fun night out chatting with friends, but that is hard to do around here because people don't seem to have time for friends. I'm determined not to give in...what do you do to fight the blues?


Unknown said...

When I start feeling this way I turn to my bible. It seems to be the only one thing that never changes. Other times I just need a good laugh and that comes with spending time with little ones who seem to see the sunshine in all they do. Play does wonders for the heart and soul. Hang in there and remember who God created you to be. I miss the warmth of your house in the winter and the wonderful smell of your coffee.

Heather Ann Gill said...

I struggle with this too Kris. It is the light I crave! Have you tried one of those sun lamps in your sewing room? I've heard they are lifesavers but have not tried yet.
I bought my vitamin D again the other day as well. Thanks for sharing this! Hang in there!

Lynn said...

Just catching up on my blog reading...I have heard that there are lights or bulbs you can get that mimic sunlight and are used for this disorder. Hopefully by now you have had time out in the sunshine the last few days.