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Wednesday, January 12

A not so pretty week

Sunday morning we woke to a couple of inches of snow. It wasn't much snow and the roads weren't bad so we left for oue daughter's home. About 70 minutes into our drive the traffic on the interstate came to a complete halt. It was very scary to come through a mist of blowing snow to see trucks and cars all screeching to a stop. We could see about 100 yards up that there was an accident. So we all sat and waited. And waited. Finally hubby got out and talked to some people who had walked up to the accident. There were 10 semi trucks and 5 smaller vehicles tangled up and blocking the entire east bound lane of the interstate. The amazing thing is that no one was injured. We continued to wait for someone to come move the trucks so traffic could get going again. At this time we'd let the boys out and we'd all run around the van and stretch our legs. After four hours we saw the first tow truck come. People were getting tired of waiting, some people were running out of gas...so a few SUV's decided to cross the median and turn around. After a few people did that, one man took his snow shovel and dug a path across so that he could cross in his car. Then a few more cars went. We had been hesitant about trying it because we were afraid that if we got stuck we'd be in a worse predicament than we were already in. But we followed the cars and went back west until the next town. The traffic was backed up for miles. There were also quite a few more accidents, one looked pretty bad but I never heard of any injuries.
We finally got to our daughter's house at 6:00 pm. What usually takes us 3 hours took 9 and we were all pretty tired and cranky by the time we got there. Amazingly the boys were very good the whole time we were sitting there. I know they were getting hungry but they didn't complain. Alex had a meltdown during the last hour of the drive, but I couldn't blame him...I was tired of sitting too.
Then Monday came. We had to be in Omaha by 11:00 to see the neurologist. We got up to find several more inches of snow had fallen in the night. We got out of town and the roads had been cleared but were pretty slippery. It took us longer to get there than usual but only about half an hour. The clinic called us as were driving there and said they were closing early, could we come on Tuesday instead. To say that I was annoyed would be putting it mildly. But we were in town, we had another appointment in the afternoon and probably would get home really late so we decided we'd spend the night and see the neurologist on Tuesday rather than make another trip. About an hour later they called back and said they had decided to close on Tuesday too so could we come on Wednesday. This is where I got a little owly. We live 5 hours away. When we make these trips my husband has to take time off of work and it's costly to drive that far. We have to include meals out and sometimes hotel rooms. And here there were asking me stay another day?  To top it off we were in a store that was open and busy. The mall parking lot was full. The roads had been cleared and it was barely snowing! I was ticked. I really wanted to yell at this girl...but of course she was just the lowly office girl it wouldn't do any good. She hadn't made the decision.
You would think that would have been enough bad news for the day wouldn't you? But no, of course not. We thought Alex's incisions were healing really well, but they weren't. Apparently the sutures that are supposed to stay deep to help the muscles graft in are trying to come out. We aren't supposed to be able to see them, but we can. So, we're going to give them some more time to see if they'll stick. The dr said Alex's body could be rejecting them because they're foreign tissue. We have to wait a few weeks and see how they look. Either they'll stick, or they muscles will graft and he'll have to remove the stitches...or we'll have to do surgery again. We'll know more in 3-6 weeks.
We came home, or we started to...after 3 hours on the road it started getting really rough and slick so we decided to spend the night in Kearney. That turned out to be a good decision because hubby's parents and two of his sisters were there for a class they're taking. So we got to spend some time with them.
Yesterday we came home and had much better roads. We got home and the front door was frozen shut. As hubby tried to get the door open the door handle busted. Meanwhile Preston who had been feeling car sick started to vomit. Thankfully he made it outside the van.

This morning I woke up and prayed and decided that life is all about attitude. I was going to focus on the good and not let all this get me down. Yes, we're broke, but we're healthy. Yes we sat on the road for 4 hours but we were safe and alive. Yes, Alex may need more surgery but....okay, hard to find a positive about that one. But I wanted to try not to dwell on the negatives...

Then hubby's pickup wouldn't start in the cold....no problem...we'll cope.

Then I washed clothes and my washer broke.

Really Lord? This week? Today? I know...perspective and attitude...counting my blessings...or at least trying to.
I think I'll just go to bed and stay there until February or so...

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Lynn said...

Just reading my blogs so am a little behind...wow, we heard about that wreck. Sorry you were stopped because of it but like you said, at least you weren't in it and did not get hurt.

So sorry about your little boy and his surgery - hope it heals for him.

Just remember life can't always have the bad things happen, things will get better and probably already have since you posted. It is hard to see that when so many things happened at once.

Take care of yourself in this new year.