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2020 word of the year- Release
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Wednesday, September 18

Expecting a Flood

Due to the heavy rains and flooding in Colorado last week we are expecting the river to flood here. They are predicting record levels of flooding here in town, and yet it isn't expected to be too bad compared to what we've seen on the news from Colorado. A friend posted this picture on Facebook.

As you can see the river is very overgrown right now and nothing but a trickle of water coming downstream. This should change this afternoon or evening. As water and debris wash down the South Platte river I can see where it will either dislodge all this growth and take it with or the debris will get stuck here and cause a dam to form. Either way it's going to be messy downstream.

We live about 6 blocks north and a bit higher from the expected flooding area. Unless something unexpected happens we should be okay. The only real concern I have is what do we do if the sewer backs up and comes into the basement. But compared to people upstream who have losts lives and homes I guess my concerns are pretty minor.

Here's to praying that the experts know what they are talking about and I don't have to bug out.

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