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2020 word of the year- Release
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Friday, October 29

Friday Night = Pizza Night

 I don't know when it started. I guess when the older kids were still at home we would celebrate the end of the school week by having pizza night. We lived in the country then so pizza delivery was not an option. We just made our own. Now we live in town, but we find that making pizza is not only cheaper but my homemade pizza is more filling and tastes better.

See the crust is all ready to throw in the oven for a 5 minute pre-bake. I learned this trick from my friend Karen. Meanwhile the sausage is cooking. We always have sausage and cheese pizza.

 Alex decided I was taking too long so he is watching Shaun the Sheep, a favorite around here. It keeps him occupied for a few minutes whil I finish getting supper ready.

 It's in the oven and ready to go. I can make a pizza pretty quick anymore. I've had a lot of practice.

There it is. I like to brown the cheese to give it some crispiness. It always changes the flavor a bit. And there you have it, our menu for Friday nights!

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The Roberts said...

my favorite kind f pizza is just like this where the cheese is extra brown...so much better