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Saturday, February 25

Nebraska Reading Challenge Book

Next Year Country- One Woman's View

This isn't the best picture but I was very excited to find this book! One of the categories in my Nebraska Reading Challenge was a photographic book. I had actually planned on reading a Solomon Butcher book, or maybe one of nature photography by Georg Joutras or Joel Sartore. But this weekend I stumbled across this book. The author's name caught my attention on the shelf because it was Phillip, not Phillips. My paternal great grandmother was a Phillip. So I pulled the book off the shelf and saw that wooden horse and got very excited. This horse has a history in the Willie Walter Phillip family and I recognized it. Willie was a brother to my great grandmother and the photographs were taken by his wife who I called Aunt Alma. Seriously, anyone else getting excited with me yet?

This book is set in Keya Paha county and the farm that they lived on was next door to my husband's grandparents, the place where his father still lives. So this book was about home. Even after being gone for almost 36 years we still call it home. I knew some of the family history but I learned a little bit more about my county as well. What a delightful find!

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