2017's Word of the Year

2017 word of the year- Enjoy- I will strive to relax and enjoy life more in 2017. My goal is not to get stressed about little details but to enjoy the things that God has given me, big and small.

Friday, February 7

Flashback Friday- Valentine's Day Edition

 These were the Valentine's I made for my son's class in 2009. That means he was still in preschool. I had completely forgotten about them until I was going through my timeline on Facebook. These were super fun and easy to make and the kids loved them. I do remember I started with hot glue, but it didn't hold so well so I ended up with double sided tape. Maybe someone out there would like the idea. I'm pretty sure I got the idea from Family Fun magazine.
Each car takes one box of Sweethearts, four mini Reese's and three mini hershey candy bars. They did get kind of pricey but I only had one kid in school and he had 9 classmates so it wasn't too bad. :)
Happy Valentine's Day a week early!