2017's Word of the Year

2017 word of the year- Enjoy- I will strive to relax and enjoy life more in 2017. My goal is not to get stressed about little details but to enjoy the things that God has given me, big and small.

Thursday, June 22

Who Taught the Israelite Women How to Cook?

Once in awhile I get a weird thought going in my head and it just snowballs. The other day I was thinking about the Israelites wandering in the wilderness for 40 years and eating manna everyday. My first thought was how boring it would be to eat the same thing day after day. My second thought was that it must have been nice to not have to cook. Right now the thought of never cooking sounds pretty good to me!  Although apparently they did bake and boil it according to Exodus 16:23. But after forty years wandering in the wilderness with nothing but manna and the occasional quail to eat, how did the younger women know how to cook?
Think about it, the older generation would have been gone. Who taught the younger generation how to make cheese and cook meat? I mean they had flocks of animals. They surely milked and butchered them. Who taught them how to prepare a garden and harvest it? And then they needed to know how to store their harvest aside from cooking it? As a woman I know that much of my knowledge is from observing my mother and grandmother in the kitchen. And a lot is passed down verbally, but still it's hard to explain how to make a gravy. You kind of need to be shown that. Take a bunch of teen girls to the supermarket and give them 10 different vegetables and fruits. Will they know what to do with them? I am guessing the average teen won't. Shoot, I'm not sure the average adult would!
As a Christian I do believe that God prepared certain people to hand down that knowledge. But this whole conversation in my head brought up another thought. Who is teaching our young people how to cook, how to grow their own food, how to survive without a restaurant? Last month on our trip to Colorado Springs my friend commented on how many restaurants there were. We talked about how so few people ate at home and even fewer actually cook meals. We pondered on how they could afford to eat out all the time. And it all brings me back to this...do these people even know how to cook? How to plan meals? How to make good food choices?
Would your child survive if they had to live on the food they prepared? Interesting thought, eh?

Tuesday, June 20

Sandhills of Nebraska

It was a lovely weekend to travel, not too hot, nice cloud cover and the hills are still green.

Thursday, June 8

From my garden

This little guy was in my raspberries and I thought he was lovely.

Sunday, June 4

A Day At the Zoo

This is me with my youngest daughter. We had planned on going to the Henry Doorly Zoo with some of the kids and grandkids but the exits were already backed up on the interstate so we had a change of plans. We turned around and headed to Lincoln for the Children's Zoo.

We had a picnic lunch and spent a couple of hours walking through. It was relaxing and fun to watch the kids excitement.

"Patiently" waiting for the train ride~

Saturday, May 20

World Baking Day Challenge

Wednesday was World Baking Day and since I was wanting to try my new tart pan, and since I wanted to recreate the Apple Walnut Tart we had in Colorado Springs I made this!

It was okay but not great! First I put two recipes together to get what I was looking for. The walnut mixture was a bit gooey. The crust was overdone and I needed more tart apples. But now I know what I need to change so I can try it again. And apparently I need to learn how to make my apples look pretty on top. I definitely do not have the patience for "fiddly" foods.

When I get this perfected I will share the recipe. Until then I guess if you want to try it you'll just have to experiment like me. :)

Friday, May 19

The Shadow on the Quilt

I just finished this book. I really like Stephanie Grace Whitson, but this book was so good! I wanted to dig in and get to know the characters for real. Delightful book, go check it out!


A Little Something For Me

 My friend had a party. And it was 25% off! How could I resist?

A gal from my church sell this and if you are interested you can go to her site here and order.

Thursday, May 18


This product has been rebranded and reformulated and we are seeing some pretty amazing results.
New key words are microbiome, XOS, Akkermansia and clinically proven!

A new flavor and it dissolves easily, even in cold water!!

 As a gardener I know that it's important to prepare your soil before you plant. Our gut has a microbiome that is easily related to soil. The new Slim has a pre-biotic in it that helps to nurture and prepare your microbiome to more readily digest and use the foods you eat.

As always I invite you to check out my shop and please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have. The company has generously given me some samples to share so if you would like to try a sample then let me know and I will get it mailed to you.

A Little Getaway and a Whole Lot of Fun!

A couple of months ago my second daughter asked if I wanted to go to Colorado Springs with her for Mother's Day. Her best friend lives in Alberquerque and she thought it would be fun to get together and they invited the moms along too! How can one resist an offer like that?

 This is the view from the restaurant where we we had supper the first night. It was a gorgeous view!

A little shopping downtown. FYI- there is a neat little spice shop downtown! These girls make me laugh. They met on the first day of college where they shared a room and have been close friends ever since. It's so fun to watch them together!

 A little hiking at Garden of the Gods and we quickly learned that it's hard to find parking so maybe go on a weekday?

 Bye girls! Watch out for snakes and don't get eaten by a mountain lion!

The view from the hotel parking lot

Last stop in the Springs was Starbucks for a caffeine boost to get us all home!

We had a really good time! I highly recommend it for moms with adult daughters. I love to spend time with my grandkids but being alone with our children is so relaxing and watching them with their friends is so fun! We went with no agenda really. No schedule, no must do's, and it was fun to just relax and see where the road took us.
We talked a lot, stayed up late and laughed! 

My favorite stop was the Marigold French Bakery where we had a luscious apple tart. My favorite shop was probably the used bookstore downtown. So many little treasures to be found!

Thursday, May 11

Struggling With My Reading Challenges This Year and Taking Myself Off the Back Shelf

I had such high goals in January and I was so motivated that I not only joined one reading challenge but two. And then because I was feeling really cocky I even created my own Nebraska reading challenge!  I was doing great the first couple of months. Then I found myself doing other things or reading for a short while and then losing interest and stopping. Seriously, this is so unlike me. Last week as I was trying struggling to thread the needle of my sewing machine I realized that maybe it was my eyes. My eyes have felt really tired and strained for quite awhile now and I tire quickly when I read. So I called and scheduled a check-up.
I really hope that all I need are some new lenses because I miss reading. Reading has always been my way to relax and escape for awhile.
I need to remember that as I get older I can't keep putting regular check ups off. Last month I went to the dentist and he asked me when was the last time I had seen a dentist. I figure it had to have been about six years.

Yeah... time to take Kris off the back shelf and take care of her.

Wednesday, May 10

Happy Anniversary to Us!

May 9, 1989
See our attendants? They got married a few years later! 

November 1981

This was probably about 15 or 16 years ago. I don't remember for sure. Apparently we don't get our picture taken often without kids because I couldn't find anything more current. Yesterday we celebrated 36 years of marriage. He asked me if I wanted to try another 36. I told him maybe 25 because I thought I was too tired for 36. ;)

The good thing is that after all this time he still loves me and I still love him. I can't imagine going through the day without sharing with him. We can still spend hours talking about our dreams and our struggles. The last 15 years have been hard. I mean really hard. I don't think either of us could have made it through without knowing we had each other's back. So if I have any advice for someone looking for a spouse it would be "to find someone who will have your back, all the time, no matter what!"