Tuesday, May 19

Yes, those are snowflakes...

Temperature is 37 degrees. Tomatoes and peppers are covered, hoping they survive. And yes, it is May 19th.

Sunday, May 17

Sunday supper

Love it when I find a nice steak with a 50% off sticker.

Saturday, May 16

Pictures I found on my computer.

I think someone was having too much fun when he discovered the camera on my computer! ;)

Friday, May 15

Prairie Skies

I took this as we drove down the interstate. One thing I love about living in western Nebraska is that the skies are beautiful.

Thursday, May 14

The Airplane Restaurant or Colorado Springs Day 2

When I was looking online for things to do in Colorado Springs, this place popped up. It's the Airplane Restaurant and it's a fun place for kids.

The tables were covered with navigation maps! We went at lunchtime to save money and eat a fun lunch before we headed back home. Some of the items on the menu were The Piper Cluband Reuben von Crashed. After we ordered our food the boys were invited to go and play in the cockpit. It was hard getting them back to eat their lunch.

Wednesday, May 13

Traveling the prairies

My husband has a job where he frequently travels. Once in awhile he goes to Colorado Springs. I had been wanting to go with him for about a year but it never seemed to work out. Either other people from work were going with him, or we had homeschool co-op or I had to work. Finally, a couple of weeks ago he had to go again and my calendar was free. We decided to go with him. The traveling part isn't so fun. The road between here and there is a bit dull...

SEE? Dull!!!

While we were waiting for hubby to finish some work we hung out at Starbucks and enjoyed the view.

Later on we went to the Pioneer Museum. It's worth the visit just to see the architectural details!
 Alex was thrilled to pose for an old-time picture.

 Preston not so much...

At the museum there was a display about the tuberculosis hospital and the patients that came to Colorado Springs for the cure. I found this poster interesting. It said,
"Man is naturally an outdoor animal.
Keep the Children Outdoors.
By day, let them work, play and study outdoors.
By night let them sleep on a sheltered, screened porch.
Bring outdoors indoors by keeping windows open top and bottom, day and night.
He who lets in the air and sunshine shuts out the doctor.

Tuesday, May 12

It Always Comes Back In Fashion

 I remember as a young woman, people would say that fashion always comes back around. Imagine my surprise the other day when I was in a department store in Colorado Springs to see this blouse. I made this blouse my right after my senior year of high school while my husband was in boot camp. It was a light blue cotton fabric with little geometric shapes and flowers on it. I wore it for several years because I liked it and it was very cool in the hot weather. It was unique in that the front was pleated, unlike so many similar blouses I've seen that were gathered.

I laughed when I saw the blouse because I was pretty sure I had kept the pattern and sure enough I had. I wonder how hard it would be to enlarge the pattern so I could make it again. I really did love that blouse because I made it and had turned out so nicely. Good memories!