My Goal for 2014

My Goal for 2014:

I want to be more thoughtful and appreciative of others. It sounds simple but it's hard some days not to be selfish.

Wednesday, December 17

Tuesday, December 16

A few things on my mind today

Somewhere, somehow, something snuck onto my computer and now it pops up when I browse the internet. They're pop-up ads from "ArcadeYum". I can't figure out how to get rid of them. They don't show up in my virus software and it's not on the list of downloaded items that I can remove. It's really getting annoying and if anyone knows how to get rid of it, please tell me!

I have been trying to make some doll clothes for my granddaughters for Christmas. I made the cutest little Elsa dress but it won't fit the doll. And of course the patterns have such small seam allowances you can't let them out. So I'm starting over from scratch. When I was little my grandma always made the prettiest doll dresses. In fact my granddaughters still use them today. Now I can appreciate much more how much work my grandma really put into them. I mean...she made hand smocked dresses for my dolls! Amazing!

I've been thinking about my grandmother quite a bit lately. I don't know how much longer she is going to be with us. I have so many memories that make me so grateful she has been a part of my life. My kids don't really have those kind of memories with my parents and that makes me sad. My grandma taught me how to sew and embroider. She tried to teach me to crochet but apparently I wasn't a good learner. Grandma was really there for me in my tough teen years. I needed someone who accepted me as I was and she was good at that. She isn't a cuddly grandma, but I knew she loved me because she always made my favorite desserts when she knew I was coming. I hope I can be a good of a grandmother to my grandchildren.

The weather has been temperamental the last couple of days causing late starts at school. As homeschoolers this doesn't really effect us except that I feel more comfortable letting the boys play outside first thing in the morning. Two days of this and I see happier more peaceful attitudes. Hmm...interesting.

Well, I guess I'd better get back to work.

Our oldest granddaughter

This was at her Kindergarten Christmas concert and she was so nervous about meeting Santa. Finally after most of the crowd had died down she got the courage to go see him. It's so nice to see her smile!

Countdown to Christmas- Day 16

Help wrap packages.

Monday, December 15

Countdown to Christmas- Day 15

Read a Christmas story together with your family.

Sunday, December 14

Mini Rant

It's been a highly emotional week here and I am struggling with my feelings. I usually try not to write when I feel like this but to be honest I need to share my hurts. Maybe someone, somewhere will think about how they have hurt someone in a similar way and try not to do it again.

We had a conversation this morning. My husband is one of those people who really doesn't care what people think about him. My pastor told me that he really does care deep inside, he just doesn't want people to know. I disagree. My husband is one of those really rare people who just doesn't give a damn about anyone's opinion of him. It doesn't bother him if people dislike him or if they think he's a jerk. Now you might think this is a bad trait, and there are times it would be better if he cared, but it has it's advantages too. For the record, I am not like my husband. But days like today I wish I was. This week my feelings have been hurt multiple times, sadly by people who profess to care about me and my family.

For the record, these might just be the things that break the camels' back, so to speak. I swear if one more thing happens right now I may not be responsible for my reaction. Because I do care. I care about what people think of me. I care about what they think of my family.

So, if I share something very painful and personal in my small group Bible study, don't rush out to coffee and make sure everyone else knows. I may yell at you but more than likely I will never share with anyone again. No one likes to have their troubles gossiped about and a small group is supposed to be a safe place.

If you hear that my unwed daughter is pregnant, again, do not come rushing to me to try to get her to give it up for adoption to one of your family members who so desperately wants a baby. 1. If I had any pull with said daughter she wouldn't be pregnant in the first place. 2. It's just none of your business. 3. REALLY? Of all the nerve!!!

Last, just because my child is developmentally delayed does not mean he doesn't have feelings. He knows when people treat him different. He's not deaf, he hears people talk about him. All he wants to do is be like the other kids, he wants a friend, he just needs reminded about some things because he does not pick up on social cues. This does not mean he is stupid, it does not mean that he likes being treated like he's stupid.

I see my calendar is empty this week. I guess God knew that I needed to stay home and away from people to give my heart some time to mend. Thankfully He is the healer of broken hearts.

Rant over.

Countdown to Christmas- Day 14

Make a decoration for your Christmas tree.