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2020 word of the year- Release
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Monday, January 13

Makers not Consumers

It's funny odd, coincidental that in the last couple of weeks I keep seeing and hearing things about people being makers and not consumers, meaning that we need to be contributing to society more than we take out. But I also think that this means we should be making more of our own stuff and not just buying things out of convenience. Why? Well for one reason I think we need to know how to make things because someday we might not be able to buy it. Or maybe you could make things just for a sense of self-satisfaction that you're not dependent on others for everything that you have. And sometimes it's just nice to know that you can do something that your grandparents did!

I was trying to think what this might look like in my own life. Obviously for people who know me, baking might be the answer. I bake every single day. From muffins, scones and breads to pies and pizzas depending on the day. But..what about the not so obvious things?  For each of us it will vary because we have different needs.

At my house things that can be made instead of bought could be garden produce canned and frozen for future use. It could mean cars repaired instead of replaced. Opening windows in the summer instead of air conditioning. Oh, and I love drying clothes on the line, especially towels!

So, what could you do to become a maker and not a consumer? Or what do you do to contribute to society rather than take from it?

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