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Friday, January 10

What's Up with Washi Tape?

I'm getting my stuff ready for a scrapbook weekend. I realized the last time I scrapped was the summer of 2017?!?!  Kind of sad when I used to get together once a month with friends and scrap the evening away. 
Things have changed a lot since I first started scrapbooking. It used to be you had a good pair of scissors, some cardstock and a few packages of stickers and you were good to go. Now the girls that go scrapbooking carry several loads of stuff in, as well as computers, dvd players and anything else they need to pass the time. I'm still a pretty basic scrapper. As I was looking online at scrapbook supplies I keep seeing washi tape. It's gorgeous! It comes in all sorts of designs and colors! Look at the examples below:

Glitter and Gold!



Ooh, VanGogh!
 See? Lots of pretty designs and patterns! But I still have no idea what people use it for. Borders? Maybe. I see that people are using it in their planners too. I don't know why though. Guess I'm a plain jane planner kind of person too.

So, if you use washi tape, tell me what you do with it.

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