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2020 word of the year- Release
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Monday, February 27

It's Monday Again?!?!

I have a serious love/hate relationship with Monday! First I like them because it's a fresh new week and I have learned that routines make life better in our little household. When you have a special needs kid, routine just makes everything else go smoothly.
For instance, last week we were gone all weekend and then hubby had most of Monday off due to the holiday. Although we love having him home we don't do school when he's off. So then we spend the rest of the week trying to get our routine back. With that in mind, this week should be better.
But for me, Monday also means the start of school and routine which I find very dull and boring. I honestly like flying by the seat of my pants but I can't do that with school, it never turns out very good. So that part of my personality feels like it's chained to a desk at hard labor.

I did manage to get a lot of stuff cleaned out of my office this past week. I am slowly getting rid of the things that I never use and will probably never use again. My husband has a policy that if you don't use it for 6 months then get rid of it. Mine is more like....well, I might use it again...sometime. I'm working on that. But I doubt I will ever be as drastic as he is, maybe if I haven't used it in a year.

Lots of things going on in my brain this week and I easily start to feel overwhelmed. This was shared with me last week and I thought it was pretty fitting in my current dilemma. What do you focus on?

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