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Monday, April 3

Shop Hop Day 7 aka Last Day

It's a very good thing that this was our last day because Preston's allergies took a wicked turn and he developed a bad cough. My brother in law said the cedars were pollinating so I'm guessing that this was the culprit. It was time to go home where we have fewer trees. 
First stop was in Wayne and I forgot and left my phone/camera in the car. It was a small store but she had some fabrics I hadn't seen anywhere else. I'm guessing this was also their home and I like the idea of a shop/home. Next stop was in O'Neill which happens to be the Irish capitol of the state. They had shamrocks painted on the sidewalks all down main street.

And lovely green quilts and fabrics!

Notice how the quilts are reflected in the shiny ductwork?

I must have been in a big hurry to get home because I forgot to take pictures at In Stitches in Ainsworth also. I had been there before because it's on the way to my parents. The owner had some neat examples of fabric painting. Beautiful but way to much work for me. She is also a former homeschooler so we talked a bit about that. Apparently we both started in 1989.
We got home about 3 p.m. and had traveled five days and just under 1,400 miles without ever leaving the state. It was a good time and I'm glad we did it. We went in an unrushed manner so we could stop and look at things that interested us. It would have been more fun if my husband could have gone, but this way the boys took turns sitting in front and fought less.
Biggest thing I did right was load movies onto the tablets so if they got bored on the long stretches they could watch something. And we took frequent breaks to walk and stretch our legs.
Now that I'm home I need to get busy organizing my sewing area so I can do something with some of my new fabrics. After my trip to Hasting this weekend! (smile)

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