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2020 word of the year- Release
Release control of what I can't control. Release worry. Release fear. Release...

Tuesday, December 28

My Mom Heart Matters

Sally Clarkson is doing a series of conferences titled My Mom Heart Matters! They will be in Colorado, California, Texas and North Carolina. At this time I don't see how I can go...our time and money are all invested in medical issues at this time. But if I enter the drawing and win I can give it to a friend! And since I have many friends whom I would like to encourage in their Mommy paths of life I'm hoping to win.
I met Sally one year at a homeschool conference in Denver. She and her husband took the time to talk to me and encourage me...and they didn't even know me. Many things that I read in Sally's books have come back to me and encouraged me as we took the little boys in and began to raise them.

Sally says, "This year, I will be recasting a vision for the Biblical and significant call of mothers in this strategic time of history. God’s design was to use mothers strategically in each generation to bring about civilization, moral strength, beauty and spirituality in each generation. God wants to use you to change the world for His glory, right from your own home. But you cannot do it alone! We want to provide support, friendship, fellowship and strength for you to complete your task."

If you are interested in going you can check out her website to find out more information and register.  Mom Heart Matters If you are unable to go, find one of her books and read it. I promise it will encourage you no matter where you are on the Mommy path.

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