2020's Word of the Year

2020 word of the year- Release
Release control of what I can't control. Release worry. Release fear. Release...

Friday, December 31

2010- where did you go?

Today is the last day of the year. I barely remember last January...

oh yeah it was that earthquake in Haiti...what a terrible time. Well, it still is terrible there. My heart aches for all those children who lost their parents, for parents who lost their children.

February- I was working on patience. And cleaning poop out of the carpets...daily.

March- I discovered the audio books at the library's website

April- I got older, again.

May- Spent a lot of time praying for family members in the hospital.

June- Saw the neurologist and for the first time in over four year there was no sign of seizures!

July- I spent most of the month outside in the yard/garden or watching the boys at the pool.

August- Boys to school, at least part-time

September- I got to go the state fair for the first time ever!

October- I made and finished a Halloween quilt!! YEAH, on the finished part

November- Kids were all home. It was great, just went by too fast,

December- Surgery for the little guy and a recuperation that overwhelmed Christmas. Actually I don't feel like Christmas even happened. No kids Christmas program with cookies and fellowship, no caroling, no having a fun night at church decorating...ah...well apparently I am the only one misses these thing.

I discovered Pandora,
and watching Netflix instant play,
I took a real estate class and loved it,
I read more books,
I joined a quilt club that requires me to finish a block each month,
I put many miles on my carpet cleaner,
I stepped down as MOPS coordinator,
I participated in some online swaps,
I had one of the best gardens ever,
I discovered I have anger and depression issues,
I am struggling to forgive, it's very hard,
I am lonely,
I miss my old church, or the church it used to be...
I am looking for my niche in this world and not finding much success,
I am seeking guidance and help from my God...
I am learning to lean on HIM.

2011 is just around the corner...I am working on some goals. I'll share them later.

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