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2017 word of the year- Enjoy- I will strive to relax and enjoy life more in 2017. My goal is not to get stressed about little details but to enjoy the things that God has given me, big and small.

Thursday, June 10

Garden Update- June 1, 2010

Alex standing next to the hollyhocks
cabbage and broccoli
peppers and beansupside down tomatoes

This is the lilac bush the kids bought me last year. It bloomed later than other lilacs in the neighborhood and very tiny, petite blossoms. It smelled more refined, like a bottle of perfume. I'm anxious to see how it does in future years.
It's been a very cool and wet spring. Things have been very slow to start. The rabbits ate all of my beans so I had to replant them. The other night the hail beat up my peppers and my beans. Alex walked all over my beets. It could be a tough year for the garden. On the other hand, the strawberries are starting to fill in, and the potatoes look great.

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