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Tuesday, June 22

Another EEG

These pictures are from October 2007 and taken at Children's Hospital in St Paul Minnesota. We had gone there for a 48 hour EEG.

First they mark on his head where the little electrodes will go.

After they get the electrodes on they wrap the cords so they stay together and are harder to pull off.

Then they plug him into the monitor. This measures brain waves and look for seizure activities.

Today, June 22, 2010 we are back in Omaha at Children's Hospital. We have seen no sign of seizures since September 2007 and we are hopeful for good news. If the EEG looks good we are going to be able to start weaning Alex off of the seizure medicine. We are hopeful, but yet fearful.

This has been such a long, hard road for our little guy. He still has a lot of work to do and we've had to accept that he will probably never be like other children. He is very bright but has a hard time communicating with us. He struggles with social skills and any kind of change in his schedule or surroundings can really upset him. He has the energy of 5 preschoolers and keeps us perpetually tired out. But he absolutely loves life with open arms and has such a contagious way about him. When he's mad, he's all mad, but when he's happy the whole world is happy with him.

So, we're going to be out of town this week. First the appointments at Children's, then a couple days in Lincoln to do some sight seeing, then finishing it out with some time spent with two of our older kids, my sister and her family and some old friend. We're praying for a good week and little disruption for Alex.


The Roberts said...

praying for you! An your right Alex isn't like any other kid. He's Alex and he's special.

Anonymous said...

He is Alex, he is special and God doesn't make mistakes so Alex is exactly how Alex is suppose to be and we love that little guy! You & Breck are doing a great job with him. He is so loved!!