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Wednesday, January 20

Praying for Haiti

I haven't posted about Haiti because quite honestly I just haven't known what to say. The devastation has left me speechless. When I first heard about the quake my first thoughts were of my friend Lisa and her family because Lisa's daughter Laura was in Haiti at the time. I spent many moments in the next couple of days praying for Laura and her team as well as the orphans they were working with. I have tried very hard not to watch the news. I learned when Hurricane Katrina hit that I could become obsessed with the news coverage and lose my perspective in the situation.
So, what is my perspective? I think cataclysmic things like the earthquake in Haiti are wake up calls. Are we as Christians living our lives every day as if we were to meet our  maker at any moment? And even moreso, are we telling others about the gospel of Christ and His power over death? And now, am I as an individual doing what I can to help those suffering in Haiti? Am I willing to give up a few of my luxuries so that I can send money over there to help buy food, water and shelter?
As a mother, the idea that thousands of children have died and are dying is too painful for me to think of. And I was reminded that God sees orphans die every day; people who do not have a Heavenly father, who die with no hope. It gives me the slightest glimpse of what God sees every single day.
I've also been thinking lately that God is still here. The God of Moses, the God of David, the God who performed all of those great Old Testament miracles is still God. And He loves us dearly and wants us to live for Him. And He is waiting for those of us who claim to belong to Him to step up and help Haiti. The question is how does God want you to help?
I encourage you to think about how you can help. I know I am.

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