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2020 word of the year- Release
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Saturday, September 4

State Fair- Quilt Edition

This is the county where I was born. Notice my beloved windmill? And there are prairie points on the side of the block too!
This is the county where I grew up, where the home ranch is, where hubby and I still call home. They had the quilt block mounted high enough I couldn't see the detail but I thought it was a pretty block.
Loved this pattern
This quilt was the best of show and this picture does not do it justice. It was exquisite!

There were over 700 quilts in the display. I wish I could have found a way to go back alone and just spend time looking. For some reason 5 and 6 year old boys don't want to spend hours looking at quilts.

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Anonymous said...

These are all beautiful... and the last one is amazing. Thanks for sharing.