2017's Word of the Year

2017 word of the year- Enjoy- I will strive to relax and enjoy life more in 2017. My goal is not to get stressed about little details but to enjoy the things that God has given me, big and small.

Saturday, September 4

State Fair Part 1

On Monday we were able to go the State Fair in Grand Island. I was especially excited that not only did we get to go see the new fairgrounds, but it was also the first time I had ever been to the state fair. I remember as a kid crying because all of my friends would go and I never did. Oh the injustice~but finally, I got to go! And it was so fun, despite the heat and the terrible wind...it was just a great day.

I don't usually like snakes but in the sunlight they were a beautiful copper color.
New piglets in the birthing pavillion
Taking a peek at the dairy cow judging. This arena is huge and beautiful. I wish I'd taken a picture of the giant ceiling fans in these buildings.
Gorgeous Holsteins
Baby Holsteins
Budweiser wagon- we never did see the horses pulling it.
The Case-IH dealership had a maze of straw bales and the kids could ride pedal tractors around.
Windmill- my very favorite instrument of agriculture. The windmill changed the very face of agriculture and they are gorgeous to see out in a pasture.
The center pivot-not quite as neat as a windmill but much more advanced.

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