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Monday, December 7

A nice surprise

I got Pioneer Woman's Ree Drummond cookbook in the mail last week. Apparently I won one of the many drawings I signed up for. But no return address, so I don't know where it came from. Anyway, thank you. I love it! And here is the first recipe I tried. I know, it's not pretty but it was tasty! It was simple cook an egg inside your toast. The toast was crispy, the egg was perfect. If you had a large griddle it would be a great way to cook eggs for a crowd.

This cookbook would make a great gift. It's got lots of pictures just like the recipes on her website.

I really love Ree. She has done a great job of showing what ranchers do. The only quibble I have with her is that she gets to stay home and cook. When I grew up we all had to go out and work. I thought all rancher's wives had to work out in the cold and mud. Hmm, if I'd have know differently I may have married a rancher. :)

Seriously Ree, I love your blog, love your cookbook and if you ever get into western Nebraska I'll share some of my favorite recipes with you.

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