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Tuesday, December 27

Reading Challenge 2017

It's been a couple of years since I have done a reading challenge. I was looking online and found several that interested me. The British Books challenge sounded interesting. The Challies challenge sounded intimidating. The Jane Austen challenge sounded a little too focused for my tastes. The Pop Sugar challenge was very similar to ones I had done before. The Picture Book challenge sounded fun! After a bit of looking I decided to actually attempt to do two challenges in 2017. But they are both smaller challenges so I think I can make it work. The two I decided to do were the  Modern Mrs Darcy Challenge and the Back to the Classics Challenge.
The reason I decided to do both challenges is that I realize I am still very weak in the area of classic literature so I would like to work on that. But I also know that I need to read for pleasure so the Modern Mrs Darcy challenge seemed to fit the bill. Mrs. Darcy actually has two lists so if I try to read them all that will make 36 books for the year. This is not too daunting for me as I usually try to read at least one book a week. The classic books may slow me down a bit.
It's recommended to make your prospective reading list at the beginning of the year, keeping in mind that it's permissible to change it if you so desire. So, I guess in the next few days I will be thinking about what I would like to read in 2017. Anyone want to tag along with me?

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