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Thursday, December 29

2017 Nebraska Reading Challenge

This is the challenge I have come up with to celebrate the 150th year of statehood. The rules are simple, either the book should be written by a person who was born in or resided in Nebraska, or the book itself should be about Nebraska. To qualify for the drawing you need to have read 1 book from each category. The books need to be read in 2017 so if you've already read it, read it again.
If you decided to do the challenge along with me comment on my post. In December if you have completed the challenge then let me know what books you read and your name will go in a drawing for a prize. I'm not sure what the prize will be yet but I can say that it will have something to do with Nebraska.


1. A book of poetry

2. A book about a pioneer

3. A biography

4. A fantasy or sci-fi book

5. A children's book

6. A fictional book

7. A history book

8. A book about nature

9. A book of Nebraska photography

10. A book made into a movie or television show

11. Your choice 

12. A Bess Streeter Aldrich book- yes I'm going to ask everyone to read one of her books because I really like them and think everyone should at least read one. 

Some suggestions for authors: Bess Streeter Aldrich, Mari Sandoz, Willa Cather, Ted Kooser, John Neihardt,  Rainbow Rowell, Alex Kava, Krista Kedrick, Nicholas Sparks, Terry Goodkind, Weldon Kees, Stephen Lawhead, Daniel Quinn, Grace Abbot, Edith Abbot, Charles Bessey, Stephanie Grace Whitson, Nellie Snyder Yost

The Nebraska History Museum has a page of noted Nebraskans that might be of help here. If you need to purchase books this is a good spot.

The idea of this challenge is to be one that is fun and maybe a bit educational along the way. I hope you join me!
For my homeschool friends this could be a great way to study some of the things your child needs for Nebraska History.

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