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Saturday, November 14

How Would You Rate Your Prayer Life?

This was the question posed at our bible study the other night. I missed it because someone had to stay home with the boys and since I've been working so much I opted to stay home. But the question was how would you rate your prayer life? Apparently these kinds of questions stir up guilt and other emotions. My husband said that it was quite the discussion.
I think it's important for us as Christians to quit comparing ourselves with others but rather ask God what he wants us to do. We can't compare ourselves to the men who wrote about closing themselves up for hours every morning to pray. Was that what God called them to do? Apparently so. But God gave me children who wake up at the first sound in the morning begging to be fed. Then I need to teach them. And I need to find time to do my housework and plan and cook meals. What am I to do?
As I was thinking about the conversation that my husband described to me I remembered writing this a few years ago.
"These are just a few of the things that I am praying for daily. As the mother of two young and active boys it's hard to find a time of dedicated quiet so I have learned to take the verse about praying without ceasing literally. I pray as I'm driving my van, as I'm folding clothes, as I'm in the shower or lying in bed before I fall asleep. I pray as I'm working in my yard or cleaning my house. I utter words of prayer whenever I think of it.
I may not be able to pray for our hours as Hudson Taylor did, but I think that God will honor my prayers that I send up as I can. If anyone can understand how busy and hard my days are it's God and I believe that He understands I'm doing what I can. And I thank God everyday that I am able to converse with Him at any time."
Well, those are my thoughts on the subject. Oh wait, one last thought. There is a verse that says it is better to obey God rather than men. So if someone is making you feel guilty because you aren't living a holy enough life stop and evaluate...are you doing things the way that you feel God is leading you or your pastor, bible study leader, best friend, etc?

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