2020's Word of the Year

2020 word of the year- Release
Release control of what I can't control. Release worry. Release fear. Release...

Monday, April 5

Some things that made me smile today

This is probably my very favorite print from Mary Engelbreit. I wish I had one in my kitchen.

I saw this over at Your Homebased Mom today. Look at the jellybeans and peeps in the bottom of the vase.

These are easter cookies, but I think they would be fun for a mother/daughter lunch too, or maybe a bridal shower. What do you think? Bakerella can really do cute right!

This is Carlton Walking Ware. When we lived in England I remember seeing it in a shop and thinking the idea was adorable. Now I wish I would have bought some because it's no longer made and the pieces are very expensive. I like them because the make me smile.

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