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2020 word of the year- Release
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Thursday, April 23

What I've been doing lately...

Obviously I haven't been writing much here so you might assume that I've been really busy doing very exciting things in exotic places...or maybe you wouldn't.

I have been working, a lot more than I originally anticipated. It's okay, I have a goal to reach and my paychecks are getting me there faster and I like being out in public and seeing people. It's good therapy for me. But I do miss having nights at home.

We spent a couple of days in Lincoln at the state home school conference. It's always good to reconnect with old friends and we specifically went because now that we know what Alex's issues are we were looking for some help on how to make learning easier for him. We went to all of the workshops by Pamela Gates who works with Diane Craft and is a learning specialist. We asked lots of questions, took notes and bought her program. Now we're watching lots of videos, taking more notes and trying to come up with a plan. Fingers crossed!!

Our new granddaughter was born on my birthday. The next day her "big" brother celebrated his first birthday. We got to keep the older two kids while mom was in the hospital and it was fun to spend time with them.

My dear hubby has got all of his little "seed babies" started and is nurturing them. It's been a cool April here so things are a little slower. I just realized yesterday that I'm still wearing long sleeves most days and that's pretty rare for April.

Basically life has been pretty normal, a busy normal but a good normal!

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