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Friday, January 2

The Books I Read in 2014

I try to keep track of the books that I read each year. I only read 30 books this year, not counting
the ones I read to the boys. If I had to pick the book that I liked best it would be The Secret 
Keeper by Kate Morton. She was a new author to me and I will be looking for more of her books. 
I also really enjoyed reading the books by Philippa Gregory.

The Memory Quilt- T.D. Jakes
The White Queen- Philippa Gregory
The Red Queen- Philippa Gregory
The Secret Keeper- Kate Morton
The Lady of the Rivers- Philippa Gregory
A God in Ruins- Leon Uris
The Potluck Club- Shepherd and Everson
House of Secrets- Tracie Peterson
The Mending String-Cliff Coon
The New Breed- WEB Griffin
The Peacemaker- Ken Sande
The Lemon Orchard- Luanne Rice
Return to Me- Lynn Austin
The Women of Duck Commander- Roberston Wives
The Generals- WEB Griffin
The Berets- WEB Griffin
The All Girls Filling Station Last Reunion- Fannie Flagg
The Colonels- WEB Griffin
The Majors- WEB Griffin
Whole- T. Colin Campbell
All Cakes Considered- Melissa Gray
The Captains- WEB Griffin
Die Trying- Lee Child
Home Another Way- Christa Parrish
The Lieutenants- WEB Griffin
Not Under the Law- Grace Livingston Hill
Face of Betrayal- Lis Wiehl
Pretense- Lori Wick
Made From Scratch- Jenna Woginrich
The Big Disconnect- Catherine Steiner-Adair

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