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2020 word of the year- Release
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Friday, October 10

Field Trip Day

For quite some time I've been wanting to visit the Hammonds Candy factory in Denver. Hubby had a couple of vacation days so we decided to go yesterday. It is a short tour but we got to see them putting candy on the puller and run it so that it gets air in it, quite fascinating as it happens so quickly. The ribbon candy crimper has been in use since 1920. All candy is handmade and hand wrapped. The boys got free samples and it was nice to find "all natural" candy with no artificial colors or flavorings. They had a great time.

After that we got to see a bit more of big city life. We drove by the football stadium to see how big it was. They loved the tall buildings downtown. Then we went to a mall where they got to enjoy things like elevators, escalators, revolving doors and food courts, you know big city stuff. We also walked our feet off at IKEA only to find the one thing we were looking for was out of stock. Oh well, it was a lot of fun!

Meanwhile Mom was having a bit of sticker shock. We went in one well know national chain as they were advertising 50% off in the whole store. Wow, it was still high to me! Guess I'll keep shopping at the thrift store.

Today seems so much quieter after such a busy day. And so much work to do here...I still have carrots to get canned. Hubby is going to be working on building a closet in our son's room. Now that it's just the four of us again the boys opted to move back into the bedrooms downstairs. This leaves us with two extra bedrooms upstairs. My plan is to turn the bigger one into a proper guest bedroom. It's large enough that even when our daughter comes to visit there will be room for her growing family. Then I will be moving my sewing room from the utility room in the basement to the last spare bedroom. I'm hoping that this will enable me to work in there more often in the afternoons when school is finished. Since I am expecting a new grand baby within the next few weeks, I really need to get sewing!

And I am stove shopping for a new range. This is just no fun, they are so incredibly expensive. 

That's all I have time to write today. My grandson is here this morning and since we haven't seen him for six weeks I'm enjoying this time. He is such a little dolly! :)

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