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Sunday, January 6

My Word For 2013

Across the blogs you may see that many people pick a word for the year. The idea is that if you focus on the word and what it means that you will become a little better for it. So after much prayer and thought I have chosen my word for the year.

I want to  be more deliberate with my time and not just let it fritter away while I'm to distracted to notice.
I want to be more deliberate in spending time with my loved ones. I want to be more deliberate in teaching my children.
I want to be more deliberate in paying attention to those around me and really listening to them not just letting their words go over me while I'm thinking about something else.
I want to be more deliberate in scheduling time for fun as well as work, not saying "we should get together sometime" but never making the time to do it.
So this is a goal for me for 2013. This is the year I hit the big 5-0! So I think I'd better really start making my time count. Don't you?



Heather Ann Gill said...

Great idea Kris. Thanks for sharing. I am praying for a word. I think mine might be action.

Deb said...

I like your word and all the reasons behind it. My word(s) is Hope (for the Future) as in Jeremiah 29:11.
Praying you'll have a great 2013.

Huskerbabe said...

Love your word Deb.