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2020 word of the year- Release
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Friday, August 3

Where has my summer gone?

Although it has been a hot and brutal summer here, it has gone quickly. The month of July was a blur.
  1. We spent many hours at the swimming pool, both boys passed their swim lessons and will level up next year.
  2. We had a busy week of VBS.
  3. Then I spent a week praying and worrying about my hometown as the county was engulfed in one of the largest wildfires in the history of Nebraska. My brother was even interviewed on tv.
  4. We are in  a terrific drought, you can check it out here. My garden is struggling along but when I see the corn in the fields I try to remember my garden is small thing in the scheme of things.
And now it is August. We've had many fires in our community over the past week. Last night a storm came through and they said that lightning started 20 different fires. Last I heard they were still fighting two of them. I pray they get the fires out so our firefighters can get some rest, they have to be exhausted.
I just finished a huge project that has taken several months. I'll write about that later.
I took the boys to the dentist and had very discouraging reports. One is going to need several fillings, probably due to all the meds he's consumed in his short life. And the other had no cavities but apparently is missing 4 adult teeth. Weird, huh?
I'm worrying about my older kids, all for different reasons, and missing them all.
I'm praying for my mother in law who is in the hospital and may have to explore an alternative to living at home and that makes me sad for her and the family.

And, I just realized that today was my grandma's birthday and I forgot to call her! ARGH! Making a note to call her in the morning and going to bed. I'm sure when I wake up it will be September and I'll have missed another month, or at least it will seem like it.

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Beth said...

"They" say that time flies when you are having fun, so you must be having a ball! I understand what you mean about how quickly the summer has gone. I'm hoping to be able to slow down a bit and enjoy things now that our crazy wedding is over. I have to remind myself to take the time to sloooooow down.