2017's Word of the Year

2017 word of the year- Enjoy- I will strive to relax and enjoy life more in 2017. My goal is not to get stressed about little details but to enjoy the things that God has given me, big and small.

Wednesday, October 12

Angry Birds

I found more amazing cakes. All you have to do is search Google Images and you can find just about anything. I have a 7 year old who loves Angry Birds. I may have to try my hand at making him a cake for his birthday, but I know they won't hold a candle to these cakes. Hat's off to the designers.

I love all of these cakes! But wait...
How about some cupcakes? Or....

So much talent for something that will be gone in two bites!

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Heart's Cry said...

So Cute. What are you making? Share your pictures.