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Wednesday, October 27

My dad

My dad had hip replacement surgery about 4 weeks ago. He was doing really great and then last Tuesday he started hurting so Mom took him to the hospital. He's been there ever since. He was diagnosed with pneumonia, but by Friday was still pretty bad. Saturday morning they took him to Sioux Falls, SD ( a bigger hospital). Yesterday they decided that he had 3 blood clots his lung, but they couldn't see them at first because the pneumonia is masking it.
All this to say that I would appreciate prayer for my dad. Lying in a bed is not something I can imagine him doing for such a long time. So if he's content to lie there I know he's pretty sick. (sigh)

Update: They took a quart of blood out of his lung. They knew he'd been bleeding somewhere, now they know where. I'm thinking he should feel much better now...or hopefully will soon.

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Peter Lee said...

Hope your dad receovers well for his hip replacement surgery.

I learned that the patients are not allowed to cross their legs within one and half month of hip replacement surgery as this can lead to hip dislocation. Whether you are sitting on a chair or standing or reclining on a bed, never cross your legs at least during the vital six weeks after total hip replacement.